By focusing on the quality of our products and the precision of our craft, we have been able to master the art of jewelry craftsmanship.

Our three decades of experience and expertise is what truly sets us apart.


By focusing on the quality of our products and the precision of our craft, we have been able to master the art of jewelry craftsmanship.

Our three decades of experience and expertise is what truly sets us apart.

OUR Craftsmanship TECHNIQUES

Our specialty lies in our ability to work with different metal materials to bring an idea into a final product. Our core range of materials include brass, sterling silver and stainless steel.


A statement piece is bold and unique and truly defines an outfit and look.


A minimalist use of metal that achieves a more delicate, subtle and refined elegance. Delicate styles seek to capture the idea of “less is more.”


A unique twist on the use of metal where simple and complex shapes are introduced to provide a modern and bold interpretation that is truly a cut above the rest.


Texture is utilized to provide fresh and alternative forms of interpretation to new and existing collections such as hammered or twist execution.

Custom Components

From closures to chains to specialty components, we specialize in making a jewelry design to any specification to fit our clients’ needs.

All of our products are finished with the most refined hand.
We believe it is an essential part of the jewelry manufacturing process as it gives beauty
and brilliance to any piece.

Soft Enamel

Provide a pop of color through our soft or “wet” enameling process. Even as the enamel is applied evenly, the soft enameling process allows the grooves of the product to show and provides the product with a softer and warmer look and feel.

Ground off Enamel

Ground off enameling is an alternative finish for adding color on product. While the enamel process is similar to soft enameling, ground off enameling includes an additional step of polishing the enamel along with the metal surface, resulting in an incredibly fine and smooth application of color on product.


The finishing touch on a metal piece is the thick layer of gold, rhodium, rose gold, or other metal alloy plating.We are able to offer various plating techniques including electromagnetic (“wet plating”) and ion plating (IP) as well as two-tone and tri-tone plating.


To achieve a more customized finish, our products can undergo a variety of engraving options including machine engraving, laser engraving or simply engraving straight into the rubber mold.

Other Finishes

As a final touch, we offer various types of finishing to a product such as satin, matte, brushed, high polish, and antique finishing – which can completely change the look and feel of a piece.

Stone Setting is an art in itself.
Each and every piece of jewelry that contains a gemstone has a setting which plays
an important role in enhancing the charisma of a jewelry piece.

Pave & Micropave

Our pave setting technique allows for a refined diamond look and feel. An even more delicate use of pave, our micropave line is a simple, yet luxurious take on the use of pave by utilizing wax setting techniques prior to casting.

Stones & Settings

We offer a wide range of stone types and settings that vary depending upon the particular design. Our setting capabilities include channel set, prong set, glue set, or bezel set, all of which help to capture the essence of the design. To complete the design, we offer a full collection of unique stone offerings ranging from precious, semi-precious, CZ, glass, to reconstituted and epoxy stones.

Pearls & MOP

Pearls and MOP add a softer yet elegant design to any jewelry piece. Our pearls come in different materials such as glass or plastic and can be shaped to fit the design aesthetic.

Unique Stones

In addition to the standard stones that we offer, we are also constantly innovating with new techniques to develop unique stone finishes, including a mixture of colors and various materials.


Our resin capabilities provide an opportunity to replicate a variety of shapes, including traditional gemstones or more complex shapes such as intricate flower petals or cameos of a facial silhouette. Resin can add depth to a product at an affordable cost.

We also offer a wide range of capabilities that goes beyond jewelry and metals.

Hair Accessories

Hair accessories is another important category in the jewelry and accessories space. We specialize in hair accessories that are metal based and can offer a wide range of types of accessories from bobby pins to tiaras.

Men’s Accessories

Men’s Accessories is a growing category with the fashion industry. Our range of product capabilities includes cufflinks, money clips, lapel pins, tie bars and rings.


Sourcing leather from all over the world, we work with partners with experience in leather making to assist in our leather goods. Our leather products are hand stitched and painted for a seamless finish.


A new twist to traditional metal jewelry is to add fabric into the product. Whether woven or stitched, from tassel thread to ribbon, we can adapt your ideas to any design.


We specialize in sourcing unique components, stones and materials to give a design a different look and feel. We will work with our teams both domestic and abroad to execute a particular design to the best of our ability.